easy PCB plotter
27. März 2017

In this Projekt I tested manufacturing small low cost PCBs.

You need 2 Printed parts, 1 3mm smooth Rod( you can find them in old CD Drives) and some rubber bands or springs.
First you sharpen the 3mm rod with an Dremel tool or an angle grinder.
Also you should drill out the long piece, so that the Rod moves with low friction and no play. Then you just push the rod in the smaller piece and eventually lock it with a screw.



This is how it should look like fully assembled.

Screw it in your Hotend mount so that the smooth rod can still be pushed in about 1cm.

For GCode generation i used Flatcam.

To finally plot the Layout just take a single sided PCB and paint it with an Edding, Sharpie etc. The Paint will later stop the Acid from dissolving the copper.
Now i fixed the PCB in place with some Tape. The Printer will carve around the traces, leaving the copper unprotected.
After the Printer has finished you can etch your PCB.

This Method allows for quickly building Prototypes, but it isn’t able to draw thin traces.