High Printing Quality

The 3Dator achieves high precision and aesthetically pleasing results with the help of our newly designed printing mechanics based on Core-XY. The mechanical setup allows a light print head and therefore high quality prints at fast speeds.

Automatic Bed leveling

To ensure a consistent, high quality result our printer automatically calibrates its printing bed before each print. This also insures optimal print adhesion every time.

Removable Heated bed

Many plastics need a heated printing bed in order to be printed successfully without excessive warping. In order to facilitate easy removal of the print and simplified cleaning of the printing bed, the entire bed is held in place with magnets and is easy to seperate from the printer.


We are dedicated to the advancement of 3d printing. Our printer is covered by a free License. Print its parts for your friends or develop modifications. The power of your imagination is the only limitation.
You can find the parts on our Github repo.

Speed Meets Precision

Our custom designed print head was engineered to be as light as possible, containing no unnecessary parts, without sacrificing quality, durability or rigidity. Heavy components are not moved in order to avoid carrying unnecessary weight around. Light conduction allows very fast acceleration and general speed. The print head ist backlash-free and precise for a smooth print finish.


3Dator can handle all kinds of commercially aviable filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm. Even more exotic filaments like NinjaFlex, Laywood and Nylon are possible. With our in house designed extruder the 3Dator is able to print flexible materials like NinjaFlex.

Layer Height

Before every print you can change the nozzle, so you have the opportunity to adjust print resolution to your personal/individual quality needs. The nozzles are available in all diameters between 0.2 and 0.5 mm. Big objects are quickly printable with a large nozzle, the max layer height is 0.4 mm. A smaller nozzle diameter, on the other hand, allows a better contour quality. Better quality is inversely correlated with printing time. Better quality comes at the expense of time.

Build Volume

With a build volume of 180 x 170 mm with a height of 260 mm even heigh objects are printable as one part. The 3Dator uses a heated bed as build plate to allow printing with ABS and other filaments prone to warping. To get the finished print off the build surface fast and easily we created a build plate which is connected by magnets and is removeable so you can take the build plate out of the printer. As a result of that even big, fragile objects are easy to detach from the heated bed.


Our printer works with Gcode which can be generated by a number of slicing softwares (Cura, Slic3r, Simplify 3D, …).
Almost all programs run on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. \"platforms\"

3D files can be exported from a multiude of CAD programms. Commonly supported files are: stl, obj, dae and amf files.


3Dator provides a sideward SD card slot for autonomous printing. Additionally a USB port is provieded on the back side of the 3Dator to give the option to control the printer directly from the computer. Besides that, WLAN connection and remote supervision is possible by octoprint via a USB connected extention.

Possesible Intended Purpose

Especially for businesses, schools, universities and other educational establishments the simple operation is a big plus. Also in other fields, like offices or at home, the 3Dator is reliably usable. The 3Dator is particularly usefull for product design, product development, medicine and scientific reseach as well as for hobbys.