Dual extruder kit

119.00  incl. VAT

– Nema 17 stepper driver with cable
– PTFE tube
– printed parts from PETG: hotend clamp, windtube for dual extruder, complete extruder (mirrored)
– 2x PTFE fittings
– DRV8825 stepper drivers
– 608ZZ andMR105ZZ bearings
– 2x M3 40 mm and 3x M3 25 mm screws, M3 squere nuts
– MK7 extruder drive gear
– Merlin hotend

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Thanks to the second nozzle a second material can be printed with differenz temperatures.

Setting everything up will be more complicated then with our solution with the Y-piece. Therefore no primetower ist needed.


More details can be found in our Wiki.